Tournament Regulations:

The Championship shall be played under the laws of FIDE Laws of Chess and under all play all Round robin system.

The Time control: 90 minutes each for the first 40 moves and 30 minutes each for the remaining game, with an addition of 30 sec per move from move number one. Clocks will be set in such a way that 30 minutes of second time control will be added only after one of the players overstep the first time control.


Current National champion (S.P. Sethuraman) 1

Top four Elo rated players of India 4

Immediate past National Challenger (Nagpur) 9

Note: if national champion is among the top four Elo rated players, then top 10 players from National Challenger will qualify. Further, if any of the top four Elo rated players do not participate, the seat will be filled from the National Challengers, as per the ranking.

Tie-Break: Direct encounter, Sonneborn Berger (sum of scores of opponents, whom a player has defeated plus sum of half the scores of the opponents, whom the player has drawn), number of victories, number of victories with Black pieces.

In case of tie, cash prizes will not be shared.

Zero Tolerance: The zero tolerance rule will be followed (i.e) “Any player who arrives at the chess board after the start of the session shall lose the game. Thus the default time is zero minute.”

Tournament Committee: The tournament committee, comprising the Chief Arbiter, Secretary of the AICF or his Representative, and the Secretary and two members of the host Association shall be constituted before the commencement of the tournament.

Protests: Protests if any, against the decision of the Chief Arbiter, shall be made in writing with protest fee of Rs.500/- within 30 minutes of the occurrence of the incident. The amount shall be refunded if the appeal is upheld.

Appeals Committee: Before the commencement of the tournament, a five members appeal committee shall be formed by AICF/Organizers. All members and the reserves shall be from the different states/affiliated Units. No member of the committee can vote on dispute in which a player from his own state/affiliated Unit is involved. In such cases, the reserve(s) shall take his/their place in the committee.

Disqualification: No participant will leave the venue before the prize distribution ceremony, without the permission of the Chief Arbiter. The participants disregarding this rule will be suspended for one year.

Interpretation: For interpretation of rules and deciding any point not covered by rules, the decision of the tournament committee shall be final and binding. The tournament committee has every right to make any addition or amendment to these rules without prior notice. However, such changes, after approval by AICF, will be displayed at the championship venue.