The championship will be played in 13 rounds Round Robin system
Rate of Play: 90 minutes for the first 40 moves and 30 minutes for the remaining game, with an increment of 30 seconds per move starting from move one
Clocks have been set without move control
30 minutes of second time control will be automatically added, only when one of the player’s first time control is elapsed
Zero tolerance will be observed. When the arbiter announces to start the game, the players have to be at their tables. That is, default time is zero minute.
Draw agreement: Players cannot agree to a draw in less than 25 moves, without the consent of the arbiter. Even if there is a three fold repetition, they have to claim from the arbiter
Schedule: All rounds, except the final one starts at 02.00 PM. Final round at 10.00 AM.
Rest day on 21st November 2015 (after 6 rounds)
Tiebreak: Direct encounter, Sonneborn Berger, Number of wins (excluding forfeit points), Number of wins with black (excluding forfeit points)
Unplayed games will be treated as if played with a virtual opponent
Prize money will not be shared
Appeals Committee
1. GM Abhijit Kunte PSPB
2. IM Rathnakaran K Rlys
3. GM Shyam Sundar M AAI
1. IM Shyam Nikil TN
2. FM K. Praneeth Surya TEL
There is a separate analysis room and analysis is not allowed in the playing hall
Mobile phones or any electronic devices are not allowed inside the tournament hall

Round 1 15.11.2015 02.00 PM
Round 2 16.11.2015 02.00 PM
Round 3 17.11.2015 02.00 PM
Round 4 18.11.2015 02.00 PM
Round 5 19.11.2015 02.00 PM
Round 6 20.11.2015 02.00 PM
Rest Day 21.11.2015
Round 7 22.11.2015 02.00 PM
Round 8 23.11.2015 02.00 PM
Round 9 24.11.2015 02.00 PM
Round 10 25.11.2015 02.00 PM
Round 11 26.11.2015 02.00 PM
Round 12 27.11.2015 02.00 PM
Round 13 28.11.2015 10.00 AM